Department of Mathematics : Dr. Kanchan Kumar Rai (Mandey Lecturer)

Department of Chemistry : Dr. Arun Kumar

Department of Physics : Vacant

Department of Geography : 1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad (Associate Professor)
2. Dr. Devendra Nath Singh (Associate Professor)
3. Dr. Mateshwari Prasad Singh (SF)
4. Dr. Smt. Neetu Singh (SF)
5. Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (SF)

Department of Hindi : 1. Dr. Surendra Tiwari (Associate Professor)
2. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Sharma Shastri (Assistant Professor)
3. Dr. Angad Prasad Tiwari (SF)
4. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Rai (SF)
5. Dr. Abul Lais Ansari

Department of Economics : 1. Dr. Sharad Kumar (Associate Professor)
2. Dr. Smt. Arundhati Trivedi (Mandey Lecturer)
3. Dr. Om Prakash Lal Srivastava (SF)
4. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh (SF)

Department of Political Science : Dr. Madan Gopal Sinha (Associate Professor)

Department of Sanskrit : 1. Dr. Smt. Vimla Rai (Associate Professor)
2. Dr. Smt. Subhra Singh (Assistant Professor)

Department of History : 1. Dr. Shashi Nath Singh (Associate Professor)
2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh (Mandey Lecturer)

Department of English : Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh (Mandey Lecturer)

Department of Psychology : Vacant

Department of Sociology : 1. Dr. Ravindra Mishra (SF)
2. Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (SF)

Department of Philosophy : 1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh (SF)
2. Dr. Raghvendra Pandey (SF)

Assistant Professor (Library) : Mr. Manish Kumar Singh

Non Teaching : Sri Mahendra Prasad Gupta - Lab Assistant (Chemistry)
Sri Awadhesh Kumar Rao - Lab Assistant (Geography)
Sri Pradeep Kumar Singh - Lab Assistant (Physics)

Accountant : Sri Satya Prakash Singh

Office Staff : 1. Dr. Sanjay Singh
2. Sri Amit Kumar Singh
3. Sri Rakesh Chaubey
4. Smt. Sheela Singh
5. Sri Radheshyam Ram
6. Sri Munna Ram
7. Sri Rajesh Kumar
8. Smt. Rita Devi
9. Sri Baliram Singh
10. Sri Virendra Kumar Rai Rajbhar
11. Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh ( Night Guard)

Supporting Staff (Self Finance) : 1. Sri Manoj Kumar Singh
2. Sri Indrabhan Singh
3. Sri Ravi Uddyan
4. Sri Santosh Kumar Sharma
5. Sri Digvijay Singh

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