Quit India movement was started in 1942 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.Hindu Degree College is a co-education institution at Zamania, District-Ghazipur, U.P. , affiliated to V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. The Colege was established in 1957 with eight subjects in B.A. viz. Hindi, English, Economics, History, Psychology, Sanskrit, Geography and Political Science . In1965, B.Sc. classes started in three subjects- Physics, chemistry and Mathematics. In addition to above the Post Graduate Programme ( Self Finance) M.A. in Geography were started in 2001. In 2009 two more subjects in Post Graduate Programme ( Self Finance) viz. Hindi and Economics were started. In 2012 two more subjects- Philosophy and Sociology in B.A. ( Self Finance). The College in its beginning was affiliated to Gorakhpur University, (U.P.) and was transferred to V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, which was established in 1987.

In the some year Hindi High School Samiti, Zamania Station, Ghazipur was established by Babu Govardhan Das (1904-1977), a resident of Abhaipur, a near by village with the help of some other elites. One unit of NCC, two units of NSS, one unit of Rovers and one unit of Rangers are also functioning here. A centre of Rajarshi Purusottam Das Tandon Open University, U.P. , Allahabad has also been established here and is functioning well. There is a very rich library here, with more then thirty five thousand text books and reference books. Laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology are also well-equipped. There is also a well-equipped computer centre here. There are more than twenty class rooms a girls hostel is under construction and a very big play ground is here.

Many students of this college have contributed much in the field of Sports. Some students have participated in the tournaments of state and national level and have also won medals. A yearly magazine Renuka is also published by the College, in which writing of staff and students are published . An academic bilingual journal Samvartika with ISSN 2319-9466 is also published half-yearly.

This College is known for its discipline, teaching and fair examination. It is the oldest institution of higher education of the district. Its founder Babu Govardhan Das was not a highly educated person but he possessed talent and wisdom. He was also a social reformer. Under his guardianship this College flourished well. He is no more now but will be long remembered for his noble deeds.


The founder of this College 'Babu Gobardhan Das' was born in 1904 at Abhaipur, Zamania District- Ghazipur. Though he was educated only upto primary level, yet he was fond of higher education. With the help of some businessmen and other common people, he established Hindu High School Samiti in 1942, which is the mother of Hindu Degree College. He was labourious, intelligent and a dedicated person. Babu Gobardhan Das ji was a man of missionary zeal. He died on the 26th August, 1977


To update higher education and research in our institution in order to promote national character and ethical values to attain a pressureless, non-exploiting, classless social structure.

  1. To create peaceful and serene environment to enforce positive attitude in order to create healthy, sensitive and responsible citizens.
  2. To infuse the doctrine of "Joytrigacchh" by value added education.
  3. To enable teachers, learners, staff-members updated and relevant by scientific resources, techniques and instruments used for learning and research.
  4. To ensure participation of all in policy and decision-making by continuous dialogue and feedback among learners, teachers and stakeholders.
  5. To nurture adequate environment for the development of self confidence and reliance in women learners to realize the concept of "Powerfull Women – Prosperous Society."
  6. To develop striving personality by encouraging healthy competitive Feelings to achieve the best.
  1. To promote academic consciousness for sprouting inherent abilities in youths deprived of adequate resources, particularly females to enable them to compete at national and international level.
  2. To develop noble human values and moral character based on value added education.
  3. To inculcate a sense of national glory by strengthening trust in rich cultural heritage of our country.
  4. To encourage learning and research in all the branches of Arts and Science.
  5. To constitute national character by accepting religion and ethics as integral parts of education.

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